Featured Inventory Offerings

Ohio-wide Infrastructure Offerings

  • Actively Expanding Network Footprint
  • Dark Fiber and Space Designed to Specifications
  • Flexible Terms

Upper Midwest Route

  • New Regional Fiber Build
  • Dark Fiber Available
  • Long Term Lease and IRUs Available

Phoenix Metro Dark Fiber Asset Disposition

  • Approx. 60 miles and 50 fiber count

Texas Network Build

  • Dark Fiber available for new build from El Paso-Dallas-Austin-San Antonio
  • Several adjunct routes available including multiple international border crossings
  • Largest carrier neutral data center located in El Paso, Texas

Evansville CBD Dark Fiber Disposition

El Paso Conduit Networks

Dark Fiber IRUs available between
Corpus Christi to Houston

Data Center space available throughout North America

  • Key strategic Carrier addresses available for sub-lease
  • Term renewals available upon request

San Diego CA 10,000
Tampa FL 10,000
Baltimore MD 13,828
Columbus OH 4,500
Cleveland OH 8,900
Fremont CA 40,200
Smyrna GA 39,000
Austin TX 23,000
San Francisco CA 16,151
Newark NJ 8,000